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Flash season 2 Premiere was not good. Don't worry.

If I had to describe the first episode of the second season of the flash in one word, it would be this: "Slow". Yes, the fastest man in the world seemed to inexplicably give two giant backwardsteps in its first episode back or stumbled out of the gate, or whatever moving /running / racing metaphor that you want to use. "The man who saved Central City"actually did not create anything new, just closing the melodrama of the first season. Inreality, passed most of his time to re-fit the team slowly, as if the show was concernedhis audience need to remember why the superstars worked so well together.
In fact, there are only three notable events / revelations at the premiere, and all theyput very little time on screen. There it is revealed that Ronnie Raymond was alsosacrificed to destroy the singularity (Barry could stabilize it by running on it, but thefirestorm had to separate on it to close the thing and Dr. Stein attained only somehowfalling from the sky). There are when we learn the new mysterious person who wantsBarry died this season is called Zoom. Oh, and by the way, Barry also discoversHarrison Wells left a confession video that he killed the mother of Barry, allowing hisfather Henry to go free after having been wrongfully imprisoned for 14 years.
Flash season 2 Premiere was not good. Don't worry.
Flash season 2 Premiere was not good. Don't worry.

This is not a moment in the show that should be able to speak with an "Oh, by theway." Unjust imprisonment of the father of Barry is the problem that forms the basisof the existence of Barry, and one of their main motivations to become a Super Hero.It informs all of the first season. And somehow, for some reason, is resolved andcompletely removed in about two minutes of screen time. There is no emotionalimpact of what should be one of the most important moments of the series.
This is compounded by the fact that immediately after being released from prison,Henry abandons his son to hit the road under the pretext of that somehow hadcramping Barry and his work as the Flash. What demons? It is a decision which noreasonable human being, even in a universe where people can absorb radiation,becomes larger and stronger in very Bane - like fashion would be made, that his sonwould allow him to do. It is as if the show is not only trying to put an end to this greatplot as quickly as possible, but as if it was ashamed of it, as if to get John WesleyShipp of the series had to be made as quickly and quietly as possible. This is the mostpuzzling decision of the premiere of the flash, and not only is bad which is incredible.
For which reason, I suppose, that I can not bring myself to believe. I had a lot ofproblems with the writing of the series last season, especially in surface "emotionalgrowth" Barry that had some kind of strange, hissyfit nonsense, everything that couldovercome it by the end of the episode. Of course, this thing Henry it is much, muchfurther than that, and I simply cannot see the same writers of the first season doingthis immensely more egregious error somehow. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but it seems to me that it is more likely that this is a misdirect by flash, and the history ofHenry has not been entirely resolved. There is more in the video of Wells, and morefor Henry, and what we have seen is not quite what you are getting.
I could be wrong, of course, but the other reason why I hope is because I believe Flashwriters knew what they were doing when they wrote "The man who saved" to CentralCity to be so... well... boring. They wanted to make it simple. They wanted to re-establish the basic component of the fair of construction, as a point of reference forthe episode more late to be compared with. If you've followed the news of theupcoming second season, hell, if you just see the first season, and seen the showslowly introduce aspects each time crazier as you travel back in time, alternaterealities, and the evil giant talking telepathic gorillas, you know that the Flash isspectacularly good in getting absolutely crazy. And everything we know about season2, which will be much, much more crazy.
So in that sense, makes perfect sense for the episode of having two, deceptivelysimple mysteries: how is there a metahumano poorly running around who is an exactreplica of a person dead the police just found? What did the Atom-Smasher say whenhe told Barry with his last words: "he promised that I has send home"? Who is Zoom,and is what he dead Barry?
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